We help Financial Advisors and investors deploy leading-edge investment strategies that are clear and concise for client's and prospects. Our time tested adaptive asset allocation, fortified defense and superior Alpha capture can be obtained in 3 ways.


1. Investment Newsletters 2. Adaptive Portfolio Models 3. Discretionary Portfolio Management

The X Portfolio Model

The goal of the X Portfolio Model is to create a portfolio that is applicable to an Advisor looking for real Alpha and fortified defensive strategies that perform in any market weather. The factors of this portfolio are Relative Strength, Advanced Technical Analysis, and Moving Averages.

Call to discuss how our Models, Research and Discretionary Management can help your clients or portfolio. (603) 235-5010

Perform In Any Market Condition.

Our Portfolio transformations can provide your firm or portfolio larger equity curves.

Go beyond Alpha and receive sapient analysis techniques.

Our Discretionary authority assures we can move quickly in or out of an investment.
All receive the same price, at the same time.

Get fortified defense that watches and warns over market changes.

Ultimate client wealth preservation for an RIA or investor.

Get Adaptive. Stay Profitable. Save Time.

Best Investment Newsletter To Be In.


Our core business has always been fee only, transparent Portfolio Management. Discretionary Authority provides clients a higher level of performance, safety, and trust. Only 1% of Portfolio Managers hold this designation and few can meet the outperformance levels Mr. Butcofski has obtained.


When your clients are happy, you're happy. We provide financial professionals unique, proprietary models and research focused on consistent performance across all market weather. Our Discretionary authority can assist you in getting portfolio's simultaneously adjusted with the push of a button. Weekly or monthly reports keep you on top of evolving trends.


Stop accepting losses or minimal gains as a satisfactory performance! We provide expert guidance with research and models utilizing the strategies it takes to grow and defend your portfolio from downside risk.


The Art Of The Switch

We are designed to outperform in all market environments. It takes more than just buying long stock picks to gain exceptional performance; especially when you are in the ugliest of market environments. One of our many proprietary switching strategies featured below had a Total Return of 558.3%.

The Sector7 Rotation Strategy uses 7 different sectors in the market; here is an example of using just 2, Oil and Biotech. This return is far greater than the S&P 500 performance.

Utilizing a universe of Market Sectors and ETF's for strategies and our own uniquely designed portfolio models provides outstanding results.

Imagine a universe of possibilities. The results from utilizing multiple switching strategies in a portfolio are missed by those who passively manage wealth. Our models and strategies include a vast variety of methods, including quantitative and are custom fit to each client's portfolio. After our extensive Technical Analysis and other proprietary research methods gained over decades in wealth management, we select all the best suited for you.


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