Come out, Come out, Whereever you are.

Tech signaling new wave of Evolution may be about to burst.

Multi-Year Base Breakout’s in $INTC Intel and $YHOO Yahoo, along with $MSFT Microsoft’s Rounding Bottom reveal breaking of massive bases occurring in all sorts of places.

Microsoft’s Multi-Year Rounding Bottom is a prime example.
MSFT 12 9 14_KBack in June, we had our eyes on the Intel monthly chart below, waiting for a close by month end to complete the massive head & shoulder bottom.


Breakout of Intel’s 12 year base has successfully tested.INTC 12 10 14






The Bigger the Base, the Higher in Space.”  ~Louise Yamada~

After 9 years building a base Yahoo has broken free. Yahoo’s recent $640 million dollar purchase of the largest Independent software building company, BrightRoll, automates video advertising globally to extend and standardize; making  “cross-device buying simple and measurable, and complement and integrate with TV,” said Tod Sacerdoti, BrightRoll CEO and Founder. “
Digital advertising swell meet the dynamic video streaming market wave slamming into the mobile, social media surge.
YHOO 12 10 14

Some of the new-new Tech may be in your home, the Internet of Things, wearable or even on your skin! The Cicret braclet still in prototype projects email, video and games onto SKIN!   cicret-bracelet

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Brokerage Breakout

Brokers are breaking out vs. the S&P 500.

IAI 12 7 14

This is the $IAI iShares U.S. Broker-Dealers ETF Relative to the S&P 500.
When you have Relative Strength, it’s good to be invested in things outperforming the S&P500.

Below are some overweight stocks of the Broker-Dealers that are outperforming the S&P 500.


TD Ameritrade $AMTD is showing upside potential breaking out of a Head & Shoulder continuation pattern. Charles Schwab $SCHW has a trend line breakout, while $MS Morgan Stanley is out of a cup & handle pattern. $SF Stifel Financials follow through out of the Parallel Channel looks good here.

Have a great week!

Captain John

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Stocks want to chop here, maybe pull back?

Looks to us that it’s gonna be tough for major indices to make any progress here.

We like to watch the advance decline line as one tool to gauge the strength of the market. While the S&P 500 was making new highs, clearly most stocks were not. Matter of fact, the A/D line has been losing momentum!

NYSE Advance--Decline Line How about the S&P 500 price chart? How’s that doing? Looks to be up against resistance!

S and P 500Lastly, lets look at the number of new highs on the NYSE. Fewer and fewer seem to want to play!

NYSE New 52 Week Highs

Not the end of the world, but certainly not particularly bullish technicals.

Captain John

Advance Decline Line Losing Steam?

Is the New York Stock Exchange advance decline line losing some momentum here?

NYAD MO 11 6 14

It is probably due for some consolidation!

Captain John

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Qualcomm or Qualbomb?

QCOM 11 7 14

It is what it is.

Looks to us that a Head & Shoulder Top is underway! This is bearish for this name should it play out.

Captain John

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Where are you gonna go?

Here is an updated Point & Figure chart for the S&P 500.

The vertical price objective is updated as well. If your not familiar, there is plenty if you google how this price target is calculated.

While of course, they don’t always work out, my years of experience suggest they have uncanny way of getting there!

SPX 11 3 14

Have a great night!

Captain John

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The Bank of Japan let it Rip!

An unexpected move by the BofJ to boost stimulus measures on Friday, ignited a massive global rally in stocks, pushing the Nikkei up over 4.5%.

While certainly a bullish day, what does it mean for the charts?

DXJ 10 31 14

This is a chart of the WisdomTree Japan Hedge Equity ETF.

While the action was enough to blow up and out of the red channel, it still has some resistance to over come!

Time will tell on this one, stay tuned.

Captain John

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