India ETF’s breaking out!

The India Exchange Traded Funds or ETF’s for short, remain in the Top ten or so of all ETF’s in terms of relative strength and are breaking out to new 52- week highs.

Here is a chart of $EPI, the most liquid and probably the most popular.

EPI 9 5 14

Notice the bullish breakout of the orange parallel channel and the breakout when you compare it to the Emerging Markets ETF, $EEM!

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Another Breakout!

We have talked about the great action in Brazil from a bullish perspective, from a chart perspective.

First, a move above the down trending yellow parallel channel, and now a move out of the green upward parallel channel with follow though today!

EWZ 8 29 14

With a Point & Figure first target of 64, makes sense to us to continue to add on pull backs here.

Captain John

Twin Breakouts in Latin America?

The widely followed Latin America ETF, $ILF, is trying to break through dueling resistance here! Upside follow through should be very bullish.

ILF 8 26 14

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Intel, Inside Out?

This is a monthly chart of Intel ($INTC), notice it’s trying to escape out of resistance in place for the last 10 years! It needs to clear the base at month end which is just around the corner.

Notice the Inverse Bullish Head &Shoulder pattern, that looks to still be working.

INTC 8 24 14

We have been bullish on Intel since late May of this year.

INTC II 5 31 14

If we can clear the monthly resistance, next stop will be the 12 year we spoke of a few months ago.

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Looks like a New Coach!

This is a longer term Monthly chart of Coach Inc. (COH). We shared this last month due to a confluence of trend lines coming together with price!

It looked to us like a logical place to consider a possible bottom for the stock.

COH 7 7 14

Here is a Daily chart of Coach from yesterday.

COH 8 22 14

Price continues to breakout through resistance after making a triple bottom!

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Bank’s Ready to Go?

We might be seeing a healthy move or rotation taking place in the banking sector. Citigroup and Bank of America broke out today!

C 8 21 14

Here is one of the popular Bank ETF’s, $XLF. This exchange traded fund holds many of the larger banks but is up against some resistance on a weekly chart.

XLF 8 21 14

We would like to see an upside breakout here to confirm Citi and Bank of America breakouts before getting to bullish.

We should know soon,

Captain John

I’m still In-da-yah, India

High relative strength continues here in the Exchange Traded Fund, symbol $EPI.

After taking a rest, it looks to have broken out of a bullish wedge pattern!

EPI 8 14 14

This ranks in the top 5 according to the folks at in relative strength of all ETF’s.

Go with the flow!

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Not good when the Advance / Decline Line Breaks Down!

When more and more stocks retreat it’s not usually a bullish sign.

NYAD w SPX 7 31 14

Be careful.

Captain John

Japan trying to find the Sun!

Some noticeable improvement in Relative Strength in the Japan stocks of late.

Many are speculating that new monetary policies in Japan may drive the yen down. Japan being an export-driven economy, this would, in turn, likely drive equities up. By hedging its exposure to the yen, the WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ) offers you a way to more fully access the return potential of Japanese equities in a weakening yen environment.

Here is a chart of the currency hedged ETF, $DXJ from WisdomTree.

DXJ 7 30 14

A simple Bullish Ascending Triangle may be breaking out here!

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Fall seven times, stand up eight. — Chinese Proverb

The Chinese markets look to have finally broken out of their roughly 3-year symmetrical triangle pattern, at least when looking at the popular $FXI ETF.

Here is a look at the weekly chart and so far, we look poised to follow thru on last weeks bullish breakout!

FXI 7 29 14

Relative strength when compared to the performance of the S&P 500 has been picking up as well over the last few months!

FXI vs SP 7 29 14

And here is the Point & Figure vertical price objective, great upside potential here.

FXI PNF 7 29 14


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